About us

Gerda Hydomat S.A. is one of the market leaders in Poland with 50 years of experience in stamping parts and designing tools. We are a manufacturer of stamped parts and tools for cold forming. Providing wide range of services among variety industries including automotive, household and construction, we always know how to keep the highest standards. Gerda Hydomat SA has a state-of-the-art quality assurance department that continuously provides the highest possible quality assurance procedures in the industry. Primarily, we specialize in made-to-print cold formed parts and tools, that have special characteristics such as oversized prototypes and dies created made to measure, etc. We have the ability to produce parts from aluminum, brass, copper, high and low carbon steel, silicon bronze, stainless steel, alloy steel.

Gerda Hydomat S.A. employ 180 employees, including high-class specialists in the field of technology, construction, manufacturing and continue to improve each of the employees qualifications. We work together for a collective success and satisfaction of our business partners and we constantly striving for excellence. Working on expanding tooling sector by investing in the new machines. We take up challenges together with colleagues of R&D Department.The necessary certifications and excellent equipped measurement laboratory, ensures the effective implementation of internal policy of quality.





Mission and vision

Our mission is to meet the expectations of customers, shareholders and employees. Accomplished goals based on 50 years of experience in tools construction and stamped details production. Our priority is providing satisfaction for our business partners with the high quality services and satisfying cooperation. We work for the success as a Team, so we take care for comfortable and safe working conditions. Employees are our asset, therefore their development has become our focal point.

Our vision is to be the leader in the cold forming sector and business expansion into new markets. We aim to be trustworthy and reputable employer for our employees.


Business Partners

We running business with the leaders in their industries. Implementation the Projects for our Customers is the best confirmation our Professionalism. We look forward with confidence since many years. Our products and services are delivered to countries around the world, such us: Poland, Brazil, China, India, France, England, Germany etc.